Why you should know how new hire’s PCB to be calculated!

Many industrial giants incorporate with Malaysia Inland Revenue Board (IRB) requirements to set TP3 Form as a MUST on their onboarding process since year 2010.

According to Malaysia Inland Revenue Board (IRB) requirement, employee who newly joined the company during the year shall submit TP3 Form to his/her new employer to notify information relating to his employment with previous employer in the current year.

Purpose of TP3 Form

Malaysia personal income tax is based on current year annual income. New hires are required to fill in TP3 to include previous employer employment income in current year for Monthly Tax Deduction (MTD).

What to fill in?

Part A: Previous employer’s information

(A1: Previous employer’s company name & A2: income tax number)
(A3: Previous employer’s company name & A4: income tax number)
**If you work with more than 1 company in current year

Part B:Personal information

(B1: Name, B2: IC number, B3: Passport number and B4: Income Tax File number)

Part C: C1: Previous taxable income for current year.

Eg. Basic salaries, Overtime (OT), Allowances, Leave Encashments etc.
**Kindly take note that you need to fill in the actual YTD income that you have earned before joining the new company, NOT your own estimation of annual income
C2: Previous Non-Taxableincome for current year.
C3: Total EPF Employee contribution for current year (not including Employer portion)
C4: Zakat paid in current year (if applicable)
C5: Total tax paid in current year excluding tax instalment (CP38)

Part D: All Tax Relief information you submitted to previous employer.

Eg. Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, SOCSO, purchase of any computer or smartphone etc.

Lastly, Declaration by full name per IC with signature and date.

You may print the latest Year 2019 TP3 form at below link:

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