No more manual Form CP39 submission after 1st Sep, and here is how you can do it

  1. You will need to go to the e-Data PCB website.

  2. After logging into the account, select "Muatnaik/Semak Fail Teks” or “Upload/Check Text File".

  3. Click "Browse" and choose the CP39 text file you have on hand, then click "Hantar/Send" after choosing the CP39 text file

  4. Once the file has been successfully validated, you may proceed with the payment by clicking "Terus ke Maklumat Instrumen/Continue to Payment Method Information".

  5. Fill in the payment method into the template below and click "Hantar/Send" to save the information. Click "Pengesahan/Validation" to process the payment information.

  6. Once successfully submitted, you will get the number of validations slip and proof of submission

For more detail information, please refer to below link: